Simply Silicon Valley exists because life is hard work (especially in one of the most expensive, fast-paced regions of the world) and I want to help people flourish. I don’t have all the answers–I’m in the trenches right alongside you–but I do have lots of ideas for ways to simplify and enrich our lives. I write short posts about things that are: practical, easy, inexpensive, durable, time-saving, healthy, active, beautiful, adventurous, playful, and even sometimes a bit rule-bending.

I'm proud to be a second-generation Silicon Valley native; my parents were raised in Los Altos and Cupertino amongst the apricot orchards. In 2002, I received my Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University. I've been married to Justin for 14 years and we are grateful to be raising three sons in this spectacular valley.

Here's to living well (on a budget),

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