Do: The Best Home Décor Ever

A simple way to add beauty to your home is with a bowl of fresh fruit, and what could be better than freshly picked fruit you didn’t have to buy? I’m a no-fuss girl—I don’t put much time into home décor—but I do want my home to be warm and inviting. This is why my go-to home décor is fresh fruit, especially Meyer lemons (note: all lemons are not created equal). Pile them in bowl, line them up on a window sill, the possibilities are endless. They are bright, lively, and aromatic; I love everything about them—they’re even fun to sketch. 

Before this valley was known for technology, it was known for its fertile soil. Before it was nicknamed Silicon Valley, it was dubbed The Valley of Heart’s Delight because of its rich soil, ideal climate, and abundant crops. Our economy is no longer agricultural, yet vegetation still abounds: orange trees, lemon trees, persimmon trees, avocado trees, fig trees, apricot trees, and more. If you are fruit tree-deprived, inquire of neighbors & friends and you’ll likely find someone rich in fruit and eager to share the bounty.

Bowl of Lemons