Be: Grateful

In Silicon Valley, the arrival of February coincides with the arrival of spring: birds have been singing, trees have been blooming, bulbs have been bursting—and it's still technically winter. Thanks to desperately needed rain, everything is gorgeous, green, and full of new life. I’m feeling grateful for the rhythm of seasons; life would be pretty dull without these quarterly changes. Call me a buffoon, but every year I'm genuinely surprised by how stunning the spring is, by how hot the summer is, by how vibrant the fall foliage is, and by how chilly the winter is. As a Silicon Valley native, you'd think I'd know what to expect by now. Today I stopped to take a photo of some legally-protected California Poppies and was surprised yet again: I'd never before noticed the bright pink rim where the petals meet the stem. Next time you see one, bend down and look. It's just gorgeous! If you're in the throes of a winter that is overstaying its welcome, enjoy this photo and take heart: spring will come. And if you're considering a move to Silicon Valley, get on over here already. I’m grateful to call Silicon Valley home all four seasons of the year.

California Poppies in March