Be: Brave

With this post, Simply Silicon Valley is launched! This began as a vague idea and today it becomes reality. Anyone who knows me knows I always have about 100 ideas bouncing around my head, all types of ideas: inside-the-box, outside-the-box, edge-of-the-box. I'm starting this website as a personal challenge to take my best ideas, present them in written form, and share them, with the hope that they might help someone.

As you can see, there are 5 categories: GO, MAKE, BE, DO, and GET. I plan to post one article each weekday, and I've assigned a category to each day: GO on Monday, MAKE on Tuesday, BE on Wednesday, DO on Thursday, GET on Friday.

I'm launching on a Wednesday because this endeavor requires me to be brave. I'm putting myself out there, which has always been scary, but what is life without risk? As I tell my children, it's important to do something that scares you every day; I'll be reporting to them that I've done mine for today. What will you do today, however big or small, that requires you to be brave?

One final word: I couldn't have created Simply Silicon Valley without the help of Sonja Bree, website launcher extraordinaire. I quickly discovered I had no clue how to build a website and she came to my rescue. Sonja, thank you for holding my hand through this process and for investing in this project.

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