Be: Introverted

We live in a loud, extroverted world where introversion is misunderstood. I myself have grossly misunderstood introversion. I thought it meant something along the lines of anti-social and hermit. The Apple Dictionary is just as confused; it defines introvert as, "a shy, reticent, and typically self-centered person." Doesn't sound so great, I definitely don't want to be one. But, I am! I'm an introvert, and it took me only 36 years to finally be able to shout it from the mountaintops. Let's get the facts straight: the psychological definition is that an extrovert's tank is filled by being around people, while an introvert's tank is filled by being alone. I love people, I love life, I'm high energy, and I refuel through alone time. It's who I am. If you're this way too, don't be afraid to wear the label. It's helpful to ourselves and others when we clearly understand how we're wired.

I'm introverted. Who are you? Are you introverted too?

I'm Nobody, Who are you? Emily Dickinson

This photo is of my high school American Literature poetry book. My teacher, Mr. Walker, used the majority of class time to analyze poetry. We would take one poem at a time, read it aloud and discuss its meaning. We were instructed to, "star, underline, and annotate," each poem. What an unforgettable classroom experience. Please excuse my amateur notes.