Be: Irresponsible

Today I'm tired and I broke my posting schedule for the first time. It might be the bodypump fitness class that kicked my bootie, along with other responsibilities (and a child's chin laceration) that trumped writing today's Simply SV article. But right now, as I wind down for bed, the clock at 10:28 pm PST, I'm writing a brief word about being irresponsible. It's an important skill, especially for driven, high-achievers. Let's be honest: no one's life depends on me posting a Wednesday "Be" article, and likely no one's life depends on whatever it is that's stressing you out right now. It's most important to know your priorities and take care of them in the appropriate order. And did I mention that I'm tired? I'm leaning towards paring down my writing schedule from five articles per week to three; five articles a week has been a difficult pace to maintain and today I'm feeling it. A lot of people out there need to hear that sometimes it's okay to be irresponsible—it's actually healthy and good. And in that spirit, there's no image for this article.

A photograph of someone floating in water would be the perfect image for this article, but I'm not going to take the time to find one or create one.