Be: Orgasmic

Be: Orgasmic

This article is for husbands, but all are welcome readers. To minimize the discomfort, I’m going to approach this topic as scientifically as possible: eight points followed by a conclusion.

1. Human beings are sexual. We come with a sex and our sex is integrally connected to our identity.

2. Only women have a body part whose sole purpose is pleasure: the clitoris.

3. Women are designed to experience orgasm.

4. Typically, it’s more challenging for a woman to reach orgasm than a man. It isn't as straightforward; it takes more time and understanding.

5. Sex is a key component of a healthy marriage. It connects spouses; it’s a way to relate that you alone share.

6. An astoundingly high percentage of women rarely or never experience orgasm.

7. Orgasm is good for your health. It’s a release for our bodies and bonds us with our mate.

8. Sex is a holistic experience, especially for a woman; less animal and more emotional/psychological.


Husbands, who are you married to? What is her sexual experience? Ask your wife; the honest answer might be different than you expect. If orgasm is easy for her (as it is for some lucky ladies), then you’ve got it made. But, if you're married to one of the myriad women who find orgasm elusive, your wife likely needs some nudging and encouragement to learn how her body works. Discouragement comes quickly in this realm. If you are eager and curious, her inhibitions will likely dissipate. Invite your wife on a journey of sexual discovery—a better connection with your bride is the sure reward.

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