Be: Wrong

It’s difficult for a human to promptly and purely confess, “I’m wrong.” I see this ugly truth daily in myself and in my children; we are naturally wired to be all-about-me. If it doesn’t come out in self-promotion and self-protection, it comes out in self-loathing and insecurity. The greatest obstacle every person faces is self. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. I’m so great, or I’m not good enough—they are the two sides of the Me coin.

I so badly want to be quick to say, “You’re right, I’m wrong,” without a qualifying "but..." I know you want this too. It’s refreshing and healthy. It’s freeing and loving. And it’s most challenging with the people with whom we are closest: spouses, children, siblings, parents, roommates.

The next time you’re wrong, own it loud and proud. It will simplify your life and enhance your relationships. Lose yourself to gain yourself. Just be wrong.

Be Wrong