Get: The Best Bar Ever

As I write, my mouth is having flashbacks to the original PowerBar that debuted in the 90's. Remember how sticky and gross they were? The Apple Cinnamon flavor was horrific. Power bars, protein bars, sports bars—whatever you want to call them, they've come a long way in 25 years. My sister Monet introduced me to my favorite bar two years ago: the Chocolate Almond Brownie - Protein & Fiber Bar by thinkThin (now that's a mouthful). This bar hits the nail on the head: it's energizing, healthy, and tastes like a chocolate bar. The chewiness and almond flavor add a hint of marzipan, which I love. When I buy them in bulk at Amazon, they are $1.65 each. If you're still looking for your favorite bar to eat after an intense workout or to get you through an afternoon slump, I recommend giving these a try!

thinkThin Protein & Fiber Bars, Chocolate Almond Brownie