Do: State of the Blog Address

What a summer! I took an extended break from writing to spend time with my children. They started school last Thursday, this is their first full week of 5th, 3rd, and 1st grade. During my blogging hiatus, I reflected on the state of Simply Silicon Valley. The internet is so crowded, saturated with content. As a writer, it feels like a vast, tumultuous sea: I write an article, put it in a glass bottle, toss it into the waters, and hope that someone finds it, opens it, and benefits from it. This reality begs the question: Is this the best use of my time?

Just as I was leaning towards the answer being no, Jeff (my mom's husband) called out to me: "Taylor, did you see the latest cost of living report? San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara is the most expensive place to live in the mainland US. How interesting for your website." Click here for the article.

Wow. We came in ahead of NYC, LA, SF. The data was collected by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis—can't get more legit than that. And here I am, a Silicon Valley native passionate about living the good life on less, writing articles about ways to flourish in the most expensive region of the country. The decision was made then and there: I will charge on with the blog!

One change is that I'm going to be more consistent, so you know when to expect an article. The first 3 months of Simply SV, I wrote one article every weekday (all past articles are catalogued on the website); that pace proved to be unsustainable. I then transitioned to publishing an article whenever I felt like it, which was, of course, very unpredictable. As I begin anew today, I commit to publishing an article every Wednesday morning. And today is the start! See you next Wednesday, and maybe before then if I squeeze in an extra article—sometimes I get really excited about an idea and can't wait to share it. I'll also be using Facebook and Instagram to share brief ideas to make your life easier, smoother, better, less expensive in The Valley of Heart's Delight, more recently referred to as Silicon Valley.

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