Do: Toilet Solution

Do: Toilet Solution

The Problem 

I know it's happened to you: you sit down on the toilet only to realize your tush is wading in someone else's urine. Nasty is the only word for it, and it happens all too often when you share a bathroom with boys.

I'm the only female in a household of males. Try as I might, it's very hard to perfectly train little boys to pee with the toilet seat raised. And I get it—they're busy playing, they put off going to the bathroom, and by the time they arrive at the loo it's an emergency situation. They rush, get the job done (while peeing all over the throne), and get back to playing.

The Solution

I conducted some behavioral studies and was thrilled to discover that I can be the master of my own toilet destiny. My studies showed that when males encounter a toilet with the seat and lid both down, they will lift both before urinating. I might not be able to adequately train my sons to lift the toilet seat, but if I take the time to close the toilet lid after every bathroom visit, the probability of sitting in pee is drastically reduced.

I hope this little trick helps keep your buns clean and dry.

No More Pee on the Toilet Seat
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Get: 14-Day Bay Club Pass

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