Get: 14-Day Bay Club Pass

"I'm goin' to da club." This is the joke my husband and I have been tossing around the past week. We say it like we're rappers referencing a dance club, but we're really non-rappers referencing the Bay Club. Currently we are enjoying (and I mean really enjoying) a 14-day free trial at our local Bay Club.

What is the Bay Club, you might ask? It's a fitness club, a spa, a childcare center, a resort, and a country club all rolled into one. Simply put, it's a lifestyle. There are 4 locations in Silicon Valley proper, 12 locations in the Bay Area, and 24 locations in California. I hope there's one near you, because they're offering this free 14-day pass through May 27.

When I previously posted about a similar offer in April, a reader questioned the ethics behind obtaining the pass if you don't intend to become a member. I talked to a Bay Club sales representative who reassured me there is nothing unethical about taking advantage of this opportunity, they just want you to try out their club. They're smart and confident; they know the lifestyle they offer is hard to resist. And believe me, you'll be tempted to find a way to reorganize your finances to extend your stay beyond two weeks.

So, go ahead and dive in! Make sure to activate your pass by May 27. Here's the link:

I'm using my two weeks at the Bay Club as a swimming bootcamp to refine my children's water skills and avoid investing in more lessons. They have a plethora of swim gear available for use: fins, kickboards, pull buoys, noodles, etc. They provide towels in abundance and have family shower rooms stocked with all the toiletries you need. Walk from the kids' pool to the adults-only pool and be transported to Shangri-La, replete with resort-style chaise lounges and peace & quiet. Both pools are heated. They offer fitness classes galore: yoga, pilates, dance, weight training, cyclingyou name it, they've got it. There are some walk-on tennis courts available for use, along with demo rackets to borrow. And they of course have all the standard spa amenities: whirlpool, steam room, sauna. You get the idea, this place has got it goin' on.

The Bay Club, 14-Day Free Membership Pass