Get: A Trench Coat

Arguably the most classic coat in the world, a trench coat could be a wise (and fun) addition to your closet this spring. Why, you might ask? It hasn't gone out of style for 100 years; it easily dresses up or down; it's chic & flattering for all body types; and it's the perfect weight for California's cool evenings.

The original trench coat was made in England in 1912 by Burberry. Today, Burberry sells its iconic trench for $1895. For those of us unable to make such a fashion investment, I asked my stylist (who happens to be my mother) for her recommendation of an inexpensive, stylish trench.

Suzanne reported that H&M has remarkably well-made coats for the price point. Her first choice is the woven crêpe Trench Coat, $69.99. Of the sale options, she likes the cotton twill Trench Coat, $44.99 (the fine print says this sale price ends today).

A trench coat is a blank canvas with endless possibilities: keep it simple & basic, or use it as a launching pad for fashion adventures. I'm lucky to have a hand-me-down from my stylist that I wear all the time. Timeless, versatile, and beautiful, you just can't go wrong. Happy Trenching!

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