Get: The Best Hand Soap Ever

Each article on Simply Silicon Valley presents an idea to help you live the good life, on less: on less time, on less money, on less stress. Mrs. Meyer's Geranium Hand Soap meets these qualifications with flying colors. It's the little things in life that make a big difference, and having this as the official hand soap of my home makes me feel like an everyday princess. The scent lights up my life—I can't help but feel a surge of happy hormones when the gentle fragrance hits my nose. I thought it might be perceived as too feminine for my household of males, but not a single complaint has been logged to date. This soap is kind to my skin and doesn't leave my hands begging for lotion after every washing. The cost is reasonable, I buy from Amazon for $3.38 per bottle. To quicken the rinse-off process for my children & save precious California water (ok, and to get bang for my buck), I add some water to the bottle once the soap level goes down. Mrs. Meyer's herself has a fabulously designed website and is currently offering free shipping. Notice her featured new products, reminds me of a Simply SV post!

Target also sells Mrs. Meyer's products. My #2 Mrs. Meyer's scent is Lavender.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap, Geranium Scent