Get: The Best Kitchen Tool Ever

The best kitchen tool ever is the silicone spoonula: a slightly curved spatula that resembles a spoon. Oh my goodness, the wonders of this tool are endless. I use my spoonulas for everything: sautéing, mixing, scooping, you name it. It's my go-to kitchen utensil. The mini size rescues all remnants of peanut butter, jelly, and yogurt from their containers; the regular size effortlessly scrapes every last ounce of batter from the bowl, and expertly flips eggs.

I recently went to Williams-Sonoma to do spoonula research. They have a wide selection in various sizes, colors, and handle materials; I was surprised to see some on sale for just $5.99. Last time I checked, all of Williams-Sonoma's products are guaranteed for life and I have personal experience with them honoring this pledge. The spoonula is such a versatile tool, I recommend buying the highest quality version. You'll use it forever.

Williams-Sonoma Spoonula Spatula