Get: Gerry Down Jacket

Yesterday I found a deal that I have to share with you. This good-looking, high-quality children's down jacket is on sale at Costco for $19.99 (marked down from $29.99) through Wednesday, November 23. I got mine at the Alamden Expressway warehouse and they had 150 in stock.

The weight of the down is ideal for our Bay Area climate. It comes in just two color options (pictured below). I have a history with the Gerry brand, as I already have two Gerry children's down jackets in my household that I bought at Costco two years ago. I can report with confidence that they get my stamp of approval for durability, versatility, and comfort: they've been worn in snow, around campfires, traveling in Europe, and day in and day out to school. The only reason I purchased new ones is because my two oldest kids wear the same size clothing (despite being 2 years apart in age) and they've outgrown their jackets. I needed to get new jackets this winter, and after weighing my options, this was the clear winner.

With a deal this good, who cares if all our kids are dressed the same? Puffy jackets all look alike anyways. Make sure to label clearly to save the kids arguments and confusion! Let me know if you decide to take advantage of this opportunity—it energizes me to continue writing and sharing ideas.  :)

Gerry Down Jacket
Gerry Down Jackets for Kids