Get: Grand Wagoneer

When I spied this beauty last week in downtown Los Gatos, I couldn't help but stop for an impromptu photo shoot. This car is an emblem of my 80's childhood and I miss it so much. I'm no car expert, but in my experience it was the first SUV: a station wagon lifted, beefed up, and transformed into a whole new category of automobile. Oh the genius.

My family's Wagoneer was white with the iconic wood paneling and maroon leather interior. It had three seats in the front row like a truck, a roll-down rear window, full visibility all around, a big grill on front—what a car. My mom's clever plan was to add a third row of rear-facing seats in the trunk (like a Volvo), but it priced out too high and never came to fruition. Sure, I've heard they weren't the most reliable cars, but that doesn't color my memories—I wasn't in charge of car maintenance. All I know is that it had, and still has, the ultimate je ne sais quoi.

Oh, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, you were a grand creation and it made me so happy to see you in person last week. When I daydream, I'm rolling around town in you, my three sons and their soccer balls bouncing around the back seat, wind blowing my hair. A girl can dream.

If you share my love for the Grand Wagoneer, you'll enjoy reading Wikipedia's article on the history of the car. It was just announced that a 2018 Grand Wagoneer is coming to market; I doubt it stands a chance of living up to its predecessor's glory.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer
Jeep Grand Wagoneer