Get: The Best Skinny Boy Clothes Ever

Get: The Best Skinny Boy Clothes Ever

H&M Flannel

Fuhgeddaboudit! Last week's article was delayed because I was trying to figure out affiliate links, but today I choose to throw my hands up and say: Fuhgeddaboudit! The show must go on, I have a low IT IQ, and it just isn't a high enough priority right now. (For those of you who share my low IT IQ, affiliate links are a way to earn commission when people buy products I recommend in my articles.)

My previous article was The Best Credit Cards Ever. It's directly related to today's article, 'cause I been shoppin'! My two older boys needed a closet refresh. They've grown, and their clothes that fit were looking scrubby. These guys are 23 months apart, yet have been exactly the same size for the past two years, thereby foiling my grand hand-me-down plans.

The time is right for closet transitions, as the seasons have officially changed in Silicon Valley. The Bay Area has two seasons: dry and wet. The wet, cold, dark season lasts only 3 months, if we're lucky, but it does require warmer clothes—always with a t-shirt as the bottom layer, because even though the mornings start in the 40's, most days it still reaches the 70's

I hate to shop, but if I have to do it, I get a thrill hunting for items that check all 7 of my boxes:

  • Good looking
  • High quality
  • Heavily discounted
  • Comfortable
  • My kids like wearing it
  • Free shipping
  • Unconditional guarantee is a bonus

I struck gold in my recent shopping spree, and I'm here to share with you my findings—without affiliate links. My boys are 9 and 11 years old, both stand about 4'7" tall and weigh about 65 pounds. I've added their size for each item, to help you figure out sizing.

PANTSIf you have skinny boys, you know how frustrating pants shopping is. All proper pants with a button & zipper fall off them, even when the adjustable waistband is pulled to wits' end and digging into their hips. Lanky girls have the option of leggings; boys don't have an equivalent. Enter slim sweats and slim track pants! (Button & zipper pants appear only for special occasions, until they beef up.) Next problem: HOLES IN THE KNEES. I shop at stores that guarantee their pants, so that if the knees rip early on, they can be replaced.

  • Hanna Andersson's Slim Sweats in 100% Cotton. The slim cut is very sharp looking, and they even fit my kids in the waist. I love them in black—so sharp you almost miss that they're sweats. The kids are big fans of the extra soft cotton and the zippered pockets. They have an unconditional guarantee on their pants, knees included. (I wrote an article about Hanna Andersson earlier this year.) Full price: $42. Savvy Shopper Price: if I'm extra savvy and well-timed, I'm able to get them 50% off. My boys wear size 140 (Swedish sizing based on height in centimeters).
  • Nordstrom's adidas Originals Tiro 17 Training Pants. These pants are very nicely tailored: slim and long, with a tapered, zippered leg and zippered pockets. My favorite color option is black with black stripes—not currently available, but I'm sure it'll be back soon. I don't buy the pants with light colored stripes, because my kids like dirt and the stripes get stained. Full price: $40. Savvy Shopper Price: I've never seen these on sale. I bite the bullet because of the unconditional guarantee on the knees. The kids love them, and I like how they look. My boys wear size Small.

SWEATSHIRTS/FLANNELS — Say no to big, sloppy sweatshirts. Say yes to slim cut, handsome cold weather layers.

  • H&M's Hooded Sweatshirt Jacket. Their organic cotton zip-up sweatshirts are the best. I like burgundy and black. Full price: $17.99. Savvy Shopper Price: in store, you can get them buy 2, get 1 free. Unfortunately, the Santana Row store doesn't carry big kid sizes any longer, but Oakridge does. I bought them online and am planning to swing by the store and ask for a price adjustment. My boys wear size 10-12.
  • H&M's Flannel Shirt. I just got this shirt in all 3 colors, oh my goodness they are so, so soft. 100% cotton. Good price, great colors, amazing feel, perfect cut. Full price: $19.99. Savvy Shopper Price: H&M eventually has steep discounts on almost everything, if you can wait. My boys wear size 10-11.

T-SHIRTS — 100% cotton all the way. I avoid poly-cotton blend tees: they itch sensitive skin and get pills that cause them to age prematurely. I avoid boxy t-shirts; my kids aren't boxy and they look ridiculous in them. Slim cut all the way. That said, here are my favorites:

  • Nordstrom Rack's graphic tees. Quiksilver and Hurley rose to the top in my research. They are slim fit and good looking. I got this incredible Quiksilver t-shirt that is very soft 100% cotton with a cool graphic for just $7. My kids and I liked it so much that I bought two of the exact same shirt. Nordstrom Rack's website doesn't have the best inventory of tees, I recommend going to the store. Full price: $18-$20. Savvy Shopper Price: $6.97-$9.97.  My boys wear size Medium.
  • J.Crew's Jersey V-Neck T-Shirt. These are lightweight, soft, and comfortable. The only negative is they are a bit delicate, but I still love them. It'd be great to see them in more colors. I've previously written about these, before they offered the v-neck version (I prefer the v-neck). Full price: $19.50 Savvy Shopper Price: Savvy shoppers can score these for 40% off. I've gotten some on clearance before, for less than $8. My boys wear size 12.

I hope these tips help you dress the little (or big?) skinny boys in your life.


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