Go: The Best Grocery Store Ever

Truth is, you can't afford not to be shopping at Sprouts Farmers' Market. I'm always astounded by the amount of high quality produce and meat I'm able to purchase for such little money; I've been known to double-check my receipt to ensure I'm not charged with shoplifting. The packet of chicken breasts featured below weighed in at a hefty 4.28 pounds and cost a mere $6.81 ($1.59/pound). Pretty incredible.

My friend Joceline first turned me onto Sprouts a couple years ago, and I'm forever indebted to her. The beauty is that they're a health food store, so you can trust that this cheap chicken hasn't been secretly processed and pumped with hormones and additives. They sell spices in bulk (you put the amount you want in a bag), which offers the freedom to try a new recipe without committing to an entire bottle of a rarely used spice (I've wasted too much money doing just that). I always keep my eye out for meats slapped with the orange Manager's Special sticker; these are the most fabulous deals. The only catch is they aren't as fresh—if you aren't cooking them that day, they're better off stashed in the freezer.

Sprouts Fever is clearly spreading, as I keep spotting new Sprouts popping up around me. The best day to shop is Wednesdays (dubbed Double Ad Wednesdays), when last week's ad and this week's ad overlap for twice as many items on sale. In my personal experience, it is also the Silicon Valley grocery store that boasts the most ethnically diverse clientele. Please comment below to share your favorite items to purchase at Sprouts!

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Sprouts Farmers Market