Go: Calabazas Bike Park

Who doesn't like to bike?! It's the taste of freedom for a tyke: wheels, steering wheel, and pedals (step on the gas!) make it the precursor to a driver's license. As an adult, I feel like a kid again when I'm on a bike, leaving my troubles in my wake, wind blasting against my face.

Calabazas Bike Park is a must for anyone of any age who likes to bike. On the Cupertino/San Jose border, it's one of the hidden gems of Silicon Valley. There's a beginner course with jumps perfectly sized for young kids, and there's an enormous back section with a more challenging course for experienced bikers. This place is so awesome, it feels like it should cost money to use it. But, nope—it's free. Be aware: they lock the gates when it's muddy. Happy biking! And maybe I'll see you there.

As kids get bigger, bikes get bigger. Last week, I was thrilled to discover that with the back row of seats folded down & up, I'm able to fit 3 mid-sized children's bikes in my minivan. Score! Another purchase successfully avoided.

Calabazas Bike Park, San Jose