Go: Christmas in Silicon Valley

Today I'm sharing my 5 favorite places to go in Silicon Valley during Christmas season. We could easily run ourselves ragged trying to do it all, which is why I'm keeping my list short.



  • WILLOW GLEN CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Go see the impressive community-wide collaboration of lights in this charming San Jose neighborhood. My favorite street is Camino Ricardo, with its' sidewalk tunnel of lighted arches shaped like Christmas trees. Don't miss Santa's Sled spread out across 5 front lawns on Glen Eyrie Avenue; it even has a Facebook page. Click here for details.


  • THE MOUNTAIN WINERY ICE SKATING & WINE TASTING. I always love wine tasting at The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, but this Christmas season is extra special: They're going to have an ice skating rink from December 15-30. I can't wait! There are music themes for certain days (dance party on ice), and wine tasting with cozy fire-pits. The rink will be located on their terrace with sweeping views of the Bay Area.  Click here for details.


  • THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE AT THE FAIRMONT, SAN FRANCISCO. If you're going to head to the city, make sure you experience the legendary two-story Gingerbread House at the Fairmont Hotel (it's free to visit, click here for details), then walk a 1/2 mile to Union Square to see the grand Christmas tree. On the drive home from San Francisco, exit in San Carlos and drive Eucalyptus Avenue for some beautiful Christmas lights; click here for details.


  • SANTANA ROW. I really enjoy strolling Santana Row in December, it's a festive scene with great décor and holiday spirit. I just learned that if you drop off a Letter to Santa by the end of today, your child is guaranteed to receive a personal response from Santa in the mail before Christmas—pretty special. Click here for details.  (Make sure you're ready to get the gift they're requesting...)


What are your favorite places to enjoy the holiday spirit in and around Silicon Valley? Please leave a comment below, we'd love to hear your ideas.

Christmas Tree Farm in Santa Cruz Mountains, Peacock Tree Farm