Go: Down The Hatch

Go: Down The Hatch

Down The Hatch  in downtown Lahaina. Can you spot my husband and three sons?

Down The Hatch in downtown Lahaina. Can you spot my husband and three sons?

Thank you to Down The Hatch for sponsoring this post.

Last week I told the story of how I planned a surprise trip to Maui on a budget that was off the hook. While living aloha, we ate at Down The Hatch a total of three times. We kept going back for more of the lively, relaxed, kid-friendly vibe at this restaurant bar in downtown Lahaina.

For those not familiar with the island, Lahaina is the main town in West Maui. The famous Banyan Tree is right across the street from the restaurant. Banyan trees originate from India, this is the largest banyan in the US. It’s a sight to behold: it appears to be 100 trees because of its curious roots that descend from the branches, forming a maze of trunks that support the dinosaur tree.

Down The Hatch is in the center courtyard of the outdoor shopping center that faces the Banyan Tree. You’re in the open air, surrounded by balconies, with the sky above. Pretty lights strung across the courtyard define the space and add nice ambience. They are a counter service joint: you order from the counter, seat yourself, and they deliver the food to your table.

Situated right next to the ocean, their fish is fresh-off-the-boat. I highly recommend the local fish tacos, and the burgers are great too. My children couldn’t get enough of the perfectly crispy shoestring fries that came with their kids meals. We had leftovers every time that we boxed up and turned into the signature Maui Breakfast that we enjoyed each morning in our condo.

MAUI BREAKFAST (starring leftover shoestring fries from Down The Hatch)

  • Heat an oiled skillet.

  • Throw in a big handful of shoestring fries. Sprinkle with a bit of water.

  • Cover the pan until the fries are warm and crisped.

  • Put the fries on a plate.

  • Fry some eggs.

  • Place eggs on top of fries.

  • Add a flower (optional) and enjoy.


Down The Hatch also runs a shave ice stand in the courtyard, Breakwall Shave Ice. When you buy a kids meal, your child is given a gold coin to redeem for a shave ice. Genius, so genius. My kids loved the thrill of safely guarding their gold coins and going together to redeem them after their meal.


All this to say, I highly recommend making Down The Hatch part of a visit to West Maui. Many call it the best bar on Maui, but it’s so much more!

TIP: I tried one of their more expensive meals, Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi, and wasn’t a fan. It was bland and overcooked. I much preferred the fish tacos and burger. (Come to think of it, I’d love to be eating some of their fish tacos right now.)

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