Go: Seven Seas Park

Seven Seas Park in Sunnyvale is nothing short of awesome! Simply SV reader Amanda F. told me about this place a couple months ago and last week I finally went. Let me just say I was very impressed.

This is a new park in pristine condition. There are numerous play areas for all different ages, and plenty of shade from trees and canopies. There's a large, enclosed playground for the youngest park goers (making every toddler parent eternally grateful). There's a water play area with squirting, dumping, and spraying galore. Within eye shot is a pristine half basketball court, a tennis court, and a big grassy field, so the older kids can play sports while the younger ones climb, swing, and slide. And there's even a dog park! Seven Seas truly has something for everyone.

A pathway meanders through the park; my kids brought bikes and skateboards and had fun cruising around. Finally, I have to mention the xylophone: it's large and set back from the playground with sound buffers, so the music isn't jarring. Such a fun feature! This park has got it goin' on. I highly recommend paying a visit and seeing for yourself. I'm planning to meet up at Seven Seas with my tennis partner—we can duke it out on the court while our kids explore and play to their hearts' content.

Seven Seas Park, Sunnyvale, CA