Make: Blue Cheese Burgers

Homemade hamburgers are such an easy & yummy meal. But, up until a few weeks ago, I rarely made them because I was unsure of my burger barbecuing skills. Thankfully my dad swooped in and taught me the secret to success, and now my burger confidence has soared through the roof.

The Perfect Hamburger "5 Minutes On High"

1. Fire up the barbie on high. While it heats, prepare your burgers.

2. Put fresh ground beef in a bowl. Add a few shakes of Worcestershire sauce and garlic salt. Mix the beef with your hands. Form meatballs just big enough to be cupped by your hands. Press your meatballs into patties. Press a few fingers into the center of each patty to make the center slightly indented—this will help them cook best.

3. Oil the grill and put your burgers on the high heat BBQ. Grind a generous amount of black pepper on top of each burger. Close the BBQ. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Halfway through cooking time, flip the burgers and gently press them down with a spatula.

When the timer dings, your burgers are ready. Voilà! How easy was that?!

Serve them on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (available at Costco) for the ideal proportion of bread to meat. Pile your burger high with crumbly blue cheese slices and grilled onions for the most delicious combination. Bon Appétit!

Blue Cheese Hamburgers