Make: Fromage & Baguette

In college, I majored in French (possibly a mistake), so it goes without saying that I love cheese. In America, the word "cheese" brings thoughts of Kraft singles or sharp cheddar at best. When I write the word "cheese," I'm envisioning cheese in the round; soft-centered cheese; aged, slightly stinky cheese with a bite. I'm talking about FROMAGE!

In France, fromage is served as an after-dinner course and is often considered dessert. I couldn't agree more—what's easier to prepare and more delicious to eat than a platter of fromage & baguette? The challenge is in finding the right fromage.

My mom's favorite cheese is called La Tur. It's a veritable trip to paradise, but the price is not: Whole Foods sells it for around $16. So delectable, I've bought it every now and again for special occasions, but the price is against my religion. I'm always looking for a La Tur substitute, and Sacré Bleu! last week I struck gold. It was a crapshoot; Divinity must have lead me to the unassuming, paper-wrapped round sitting on the Costco shelf in the midst of a sea of fromage varieties. It looked like La Tur, so I decided it was worth $7.79 to see if it tasted like La Tur. And you already know the answer. 

This cheese delivers on its name: Petit Exquis D'Argental, the little exquisite from Argental. Exquisite indeed! Serve it with baguette as an hors d'oeuvre, or be a little French and serve it after the main course. Don't bother slicing the baguette, it's more fun & relaxed to let people rip off pieces. Bon Appétit!

I found this cheese at Costco on Coleman Avenue, Santa Clara.

Petit Exquis D'Argental